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The Freelap cycle timing system will help you improve your times by providing immediate feedback on your sprint or lap times.

Time every run with the Freelap cycle timing system.

Ideal for Mountain Bike Runs, BMX tracks, pump tracks and Velodrome.

The Freelap Timing system is the easiest to use timing system on the market, providing accurate and reliable times direct to your Bluetooth device.

Great fun to compete against and improve your own times or set up an race your mates. 

To time a downhill run place a Freelap Tx Track transmitter at the start and a Tx Track transmitter at the finish. Additional Tx Track transmitters can be added to capture split times.

This set up also be used for straight line velocity timing, for example getting a 30m sprint time.

For best accuracy start 5m behind the Tx Track transmitter at the start line. This is the same if you wish to time a Lap on a BMX track.

For a pump track or velodrome loop you only require 1 Freelap Tx Track transmitter.

Place the transmitter at a point on the track. Start next to the transmitter (stay next to transmitter for 5 seconds) and off you go. Each time you pass the Tx Track transmitter a Lap time will be sent to your Bluetooth device.

View our user guide here  

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Timing Solutions For Teams and Individuals.

Chip Position.png
Freelap Timing System MTB / BMX standard set up

Freelap downhill / BMX set up

Freelap loop set up

Freelap Timing System MTB / BMX loop start set up

√  0,02s accuracy

√  All fields/conditions

√  Time several riders

√  Data storage

√  Intermediate times

√  Time Gaps & Ranking

√  Fast & easy set up

√  No limit of race length

√  Live results on app

√  Export and sharing

√  Best / Slowest times

√  Display on LED screen

√  Compact & lightweight

√  Standard run or in loop

√  Offline mode

√  Lap & Split times

√  Speed measurement