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Freelap supply timing systems that cover 8 lanes.

Timing is started by a shap loud sound such as a gun or a clap

Once the athlete crosses the finish line data is displayed immediately on a smart phone or tablet. 

Time school athletic carnivals, surf carnivals, training trials or little athletics events. 

Why Choose Freelap

  • Times are specific to athletes so you now whose time is whos’. Each athlete number corresponds to their time. Just match the number on your device to the athletes chip / bib number.


  • The track is set up and ready to go in under 30 seconds.


  • No need to line up beams or carry heavy equipment. Just place the transmitters at the end of the track and the start device at the start line.

It’s that easy!

View our options below.

Freelap ProBT Multilane Timing System - Time up to 8 athletes at a time, timing starts froma clap, gun or by using the Freelap e-starter. 

Freelap ProBT808 - Time up to 8 athletes at a time. Each individual athletes time is started on the their first movement.

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