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“The benefits of it have been absolutely amazing already, particularly with her hurdles.  We really believe it has helped to push her along much faster, as the competitive streak really comes out when she’s racing that clock over the first couple of hurdles.  She’s run massive pb’s in hurdles with a very limited training base because of her injury, more than likely because she is training more aggressively.   We can’t speak more highly of it as a training tool”.

Donna QLD

“We have used the timing system at a couple of sessions now and it is fantastic.  So easy to use and the watch doesn’t lie – so much more accurate for them”

Alison Fairweather – Fairweather Track Squad

“The Freelap system is going really well in both school and with the track group. Our students in our elite athlete group are getting constant feedback in performance and it is great to see the consistency during training sessions”
Peter Walsh – Manor Lakes High School

“Freelap timing kit was the best purchase EVER!”  “We use this system at every training session and find it an invaluable tool for timing fly ins, splits, block starts or time trials”
Glenn Ross – Ross High Performance Athletics

“The ease of setting up and accuracy of timing is great. Very easy to use as the athlete”
Dylan Hicks – St Michaels College

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