Timing Systems For Teams and Individuals

Speed in most sports is a vital component in an individuals and a teams overall performance. Training speed and ensuring athletes are getting the most out of their bodies and at the right times is common place for teams and individuals. Timing gates allow coaches and athletes to ensure they are training at the right intensities and provide an accurate means of testing speed and agility.

Freelap timing systems are a chip based timing system that is being used by some of the worlds best athletes due to their reliability, portability and ease of set up.

Now due to the affordability of Freelap timing systems, accurate and reliable timing data can be obtained by all athletes and coaches to get the maximum benefits out of training.

Freelap timing gates cater for all sports and have different timing systems depending on the chosen sports.

Please choose your sports below to find the solution you need to compete with the best.
Athletics Timing
BMX / MTB Timing
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