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New Products

Check out our newly released products!

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Tx Juinor Pro

New Design, now with rechargeable battery installed.

Space Unit

The PowerUnit & SpaceUnit allows coaches to start multiple Fx Chip BLE or FX Chips at the same time. The PowerUnit & SpaceUnit is activated by the a loud sharp noise such as a gun or a clap. 


Ideal for racing multile athletes at training or at an athletics event. 

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Motor Bike Kit

This fully automated professional timing system is specially designed for Motocross, Supercross and Enduro training.

Tx Pad Pro

Premium START transmitter designed for block starts and 3-point starts.


Freelap Pro BT Multilane

Time up to 8 athletes at a time, timing starts froma clap, gun or by using the Freelap e-starter. 

Untitled design (5).png
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