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Discover Freelap timing system for roller skating & ice skating

This fully automated timing system lets you get accurate data, effortlessly. It is designed for both the athlete who trains alone & the coach of teams. It lets you time a wide variety of training scenarios. Motivating for athletes, Freelap® system is a powerful tool for improvement.

√  0,02s accuracy

√  Compact & lightweight

√  Flying start / Gun shot start

√  Data storage

√   Total & intermediate times

√  Best / Slowest times

√  Automated & wireless

√  No limit of race length

√  Several skaters simultaneously

√  Export & sharing

√   Cumulative times

√  Time Gaps & Ranking

√  Fast & easy set up

√  Indoor / outdoor

√  Live results on app

√  Offline mode

√  Speed measurement

√  Display on LED screen

Freelap Set Up Options

Starter Pack Set up
Advanced Pack Set up - Loop
Speed Skating Starter Pack.png
Speed Skating Advanced Pack.png
Permanent Track Set up
Speed Skating Permanent Track.png