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PRO BT102 Cycle - $1099

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The Freelap Pro BT102 Cycle Kit allows the coach or rider to time bikes from a start point to an end point.

Start at the top of a mountain trail or time a lap on a BMX track. 

The Freelap Pro BT102 can also be use to time a loop from a single start finish point whilst including a split time. Ideal for velodrome or pump tracks.

The Freelap Pro BT 102 Cycle Electronic Timing System is wireless, accurate, easy to set up and use, versatile, expandable, compact, and portable.

Data is sent instantly to a smartphone or tablet.

To add split times all you require is an additional Tx Track Pro Transmitter. 

Have a friend or a training group, All they need is an additional Freelap BLE chip. 

If you wish to  customise the kit to your specific use, the  following can be used as a Guide.

  • To capture additional split times you require an additional Tx Junior Pro per split, for example with 1 extra Tx Track Pro you could take a time at the halfway point, with 2 extra Tx Junior Transmitters you could take 2 split times on your run.

  • If you wish to have more than 1 rider at a time you require an additional Fx Chip BLE per rider.


Purchase any ProBT cycling Kit and receive a free FX Chip BLE -$270 value.

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