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Buy Now Pay Later with Quikapay

What is QuickaPay?

QuickaPay is a payments platform that lets you pay for services your way, by credit or debit card, or with a 10 week interest free instalment plan. All instalment plans are interest free and there are no additional cost. So for example, if you paid for a service and it cost $1,200, you would pay $200 today followed by 5 additional fortnightly payments of $200 each.

Here's How It Works

Enter Your Details

Sign up in seconds by simply enter a few basic details to get started, like your name and email address. It’s free to sign up.


Connect Your Bank Account

This provides us with a one-time, copy of your bank statement to instantly verify your identity and ability to make repayments.

How do I pay online with Freelap?

1) Simply go through the checkout process and select manual payment option.

2) We will send  you an invoice.

3) Sign up to Quikpay (2 minutes process


4) Select Buy Now Pay later.

Quikapay FAQ

Q. How long are your payment terms and is there a size limit?

A. Repayments are fortnightly (1 upfront + 5 additional) over a 10 week term and we do amounts up to $20,000 AUD.


Q. What is your approval rate on instalment plans and do you run credit checks?

A. We have an 80% approval rate, and no we do not run credit checks. Instead we’ve built a proprietary credit model that analyzes anonymized transactional bank statement data that is captured when you sign up to pay.


Q. What happens if I miss an instalment payment?

A. If you miss an installment payment there is a late fee of $10 applied to each missed instalment.


Q. Who can sign up?

A. To sign up to one of our instalment plans you must be over 18 years of age, an Australian citizen or PR, and have regular income. This is verified during the sign up process.

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