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Freelap Timing System reviewed By BMX Ultra
BMX Ultra reviews the Freelap Timing system
Shane Jenkins from BMX Ultra reviews the Freelap Timing system A stop watch is the most fundamental training device for any race sport, it’s a staple in any coaches little bag of tricks. Being able to get instant feedback from a lap (or laps) is important for coach and competitor. It could be argued that the inclusion of transponders for BMX racing is valuable information for rider and coach. Although when it comes to racing BMX you could put in a single fast lap and...

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Freelap Timing Gates Reviewed by Active Education Magazine
REVIEW: FREELAP October 2, 2012 By activeeducationmagazine Leave a Comment The Freelap timing system is an easy-to-use, fully automated timing system that is designed for a wide variety of training scenarios. Freelap provides your school with the most functional sports timing system. It is simple, accurate, affordable and portable. Freelap can be used in any sport that involves speed training, such as athletics, swimming, ball sports, skiing and cycling. The cost of Freelap is significantly cheaper than other timing systems with similar features. The product allows teachers...

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Freelap Sprint Coach 1
Freelap Athletic Components
This videos shows the components of the Freelap timing system. The Freelap Timing systems allows you to gather lap and split times for any sports that require speed and agility. The first component is the Freelap Stopwatch. The Frelap Stopwatch captures lap and split data for immediate review, allowing coaches to provide instant feedback to their athletes and also stores the data so it can be downloaded or viewed for post workout analysis. The stopwatch is triggered by various receivers such as the...

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