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10 Reasons Coaches are Integrating Electronic Timing into Speed Training
High school and college coaches are integrating electronic timing into their speed training programs. Here are ten reasons why. 1. Increase Performance The application of electronic timing at practice increases arousal in athletes. Ballistic athletes have a compelling desire for immediate feedback: it motivates them to increase performance and focus during training sessions. Click here to read the rest

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Four Essentials for a Perspective on Speed from Childhood to Life’s Last Race
Some good points on speed perspective written by Carl Valle. Teaching. Good instruction is paramount throughout an athlete’s career, but particularly in the early development stages. Give a child competency in locomotion, and more specific skills can be easily added. Running is the cornerstone for most sports, and having general speed will always transfer from sport to sport and allow ready acquisition of sound sport skills. Training. Down the road, increasing the volume and intensity of training is necessary to...

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Fight, Flight, and Freeze—How Timing Athletes Increases Performance
Everyone has heard of the “fight or flight” response when we are under stress, or in some cases danger. The physiological response of stress is a natural and important part of training, as stress from training, be in muscular or chemical is part of the process of improving. One needs to stress the body in order to adapt to it to the point the body is better. Yet in sport often we see athletes tighten up or failing to...

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7 Myths of the 40 yard dash and 7 Tips to Improve It
A lot of ideas and theories exist on the internet based on more coach’s lore than basic math and introductory sport science. With so many experts refuting each other, it’s a good idea to keep the suggestions simple and clear based on video evidence of the NFL combine and the times and other scores the elite football players are doing. While this is an article to help you run a faster 40 yard dash, it does provide some help in improving...

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10 x 60m sprints is this the best way to train your squad?
Have you as a coach said to your athletes “I want you to do 10 x 60m at 95 – 100% with 3 minutes recovery between sprints tonight or a similar prescribe session?” Note: This could be any distance, intensity, recovery time etc. There is nothing wrong with this session but once prescribe, should they be set in stone for the night? Obviously these sessions are designed to train certain energy systems, so there is a requirement of the athlete to...

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Freelap Speed and agility testing
Sorry I missed that one – Not with Freelap!
Have you ever had to say that to one of your athletes when you are doing a time trial? Are you really sure you pressed the start button on your stopwatch when the athlete started there run or pressed the stop button at the exact point they crossed the finish line. Even the most experienced timers can’t be sure. Or did you miss the button all together? Were you watching your athletes or trying to make sure you got the time as close...

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What you measure you improve!
This is true in almost every facet of your life from business to health and sports are no different. In almost any activity you need to have a measure of where you currently are and how you are progressing. You can engage in series of tests or have one standard measure to compare yourself against. Elite sports people will test anything from strength, speed, agility, flexibility, mental application – anything that can be tested they will probably test. As we go down the...

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Freelap USA Tempo Tips
Hi, Christopher Glaeser here with Freelap USA. In this video I present a couple of tips on how to use Freelap to time tempo runs. The first tip is to use the watch to collect all the data including both the tempo runs and the recovery times. This is very simple with the Freelap watch. Just press the Mode button once to enter Chrono mode and leave it there for the entire workout. The odd splits will be the times...

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Freelap at ACHPER QLD Brisbane conference
We will be showing the Freelap product range at the Queensland ACHPER conference held on August 15th and 16th 2013. We are teaming up with RH Sports who are a school and club supplier. If you're a Physical education teacher and would to see our products come a see us for a demonstration of the Freelap Product range

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